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What is Adult Foster Care?

Adult Foster Care is defined as a home setting in the community for adults who are unable to live independently due to physical, emotional, developmental, or mental health impairments. The home can provide up to 24 hour supervision for 1 to 4 residents (5 if caring for elderly residents). Residents receive meals, support, supervision, and some assistance with personal care and living skills as needed. Adult Foster Care homes are licensed by the State of Minnesota under Rule 203 and Rule 245A.

For some frequently asked questions on Adult Foster Care, please see the following document:



What is Child Foster Care?

The purpose of foster care is to provide a stable family setting to children when they are unable to remain with their own family. Care is given until the parents can resume their responsibility or until a permanent plan is made with relatives or adoptive parents. Children in foster care usually continue to visit their parents and family until they are reunited.

The ultimate goal of child foster care is to rememdy the home situation and return the children to their natural parents. Sometimes foster families are asked to provie permanent foster care. If reunification with a parent or relaive is not possible. Children can be in foster care for as little as 24 hours or up to a year or more.


How To Get More Information To Become A Foster Care Provider

Providers are needed for adult and child foster care and becomging a provider is easier than you think! 

Please contact your local county to learn more about becoming a child or an adult foster care provider. If your county is not list below, please reach out to your county's Health and Human Services Department and let them know you are intersted in speaking to someone about becoming a provider. The need for providers is state-wided.


Benton County: 320-968-5111 (adult) or 320-968-5101 (child), email: (adult) or   (child) Facebook:

Sherburne County: 763-765-4065, email:, website:

Stearns County: 320-656-6000 (ask for Licensing Unit), email:

Wright County: 73-335-0275 (adult) 763-682-7484 (child), email:, website: OR

Please feel free to print and share the flyers below. Spreading the word on the need for providers is a community effort and your help is needed and appreciated! 




Foster Care In The News!

Here are some wonderful stories that have been in the news about foster care.


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