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2020 Veteran of the Year ~ Congratulations to Mary Jo Pine!

August 18, 2020

2020 Veteran of the Year ~ Congratulations to Mary Jo Pine!

For those of you who have attended at least one of CAMHI’s Advisory Committee meetings, you’re probably familiar with who Mary Jo Pine is. For many years, Mary Jo has held the position as a stakeholder on CAMHI’s Advisory Committee as the VA Representative. She is also currently serving as the Chair for the Committee.

At every meeting, Advisory Committee attendees can rely on Mary Jo to bring them all the news and updates from the VA; she’s always been a wonderful source of information! Mary Jo has also facilitated multiple trainings for CAMHI over the years and we’re so proud and honored that she is a part of CAMHI. And now, we have another reason to be honored to have Mary Jo a part of our group, she was recently named Veteran of the Year!

Please check out the following articles for full story details on Mary Jo’s accomplishments.

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