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Be There for Veteran's PSA

November 16, 2017

Although Veteran's Day has come and gone, for those who work for the VA, every day is Veteran's Day. And they want to ensure that no Veteran is left behind.

Secretary David J. Shulkin has made Veteran suicide the VA's highest clinical priority. This is a good time to share one of VA’s latest efforts; a Public Service Announcement produced in partnership with Johnson & Johnson.

The VA would like to ask you to open the link, view it, and share it, paying close attention to the messages. You can also share the VA Mental Health Resources document attached to this article.

VA can’t do this alone, and the #BeThere campaign can help us draw our community into our efforts.

You are invited to share the public service announcement with your friends and family. Visit for additional information and resources.

And, #BeThere for our Veterans.

Thank you in advance for helping spread the message that suicide is preventable.

Mary Jo Pine, RN, Suicide Prevention Coordinator

 VA PSA #BeThere

 VA Mental Health Resources



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