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New Website for People Experienceing the Symptoms of Psychosis

June 1, 2018

People experiencing the symptoms of psychosis and their families need greater outreach efforts and access to information that helps them find the help they need. A new website, seeks to help fill that gap. is for those who experience psychosis, family or friends, and clinicians alike. helps people learn more about the symptoms of and treatment for psychosis, and is an effort to help close a gap in the care system by helping connect people as early as possible to treatment and information.

The website serves three main purposes:

1. Inform the public on the signs and symptoms of psychosis

2. Provide friends, family members, and healthcare professionals with tools for helping someone experiencing psychosis

3. Describe the NAVIGATE program, an evidence-based treatment program for persons with first episode psychosis, in detail.

This website came out of a collaboration between the Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health (MNCAMH), the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and the University of Minnesota Psychiatry Department.

The website can be found at For more information, please contact: MNCAMH, UMN School of Social Work via email at: or by phone: 612-626-9042.

*Article information obtained from Minnesota Department of Human Services' Mental Health Update notification. Additional news can be found on their website  Here.



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