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Remaining 2020 CAMHI Meetings to be Held Virtually

August 19, 2020

While we continue to face these unprecedented circumstances, CAMHI continues to operate as "normal". However, in order to do so safely, it require some adjustments to our regularly scheduled meetings.

It has been decided that the remaining 2020 CAMHI meetings will be all held virtually. This includes the Joint Powers Board meetings, the Advisory Committee meetings, and the Anti-Stigma meetings.

CAMHI continues to have a hold on their trainings and do not have any scheduled at this time. When we are able to safely hold them again, we will make an announcement.

Below are the schedule dates for the our meetings:

  2020 Joint Power Board Meeting Dates

 2020 Advisory Committee Meeting Dates

 2020 Anti-Stigma Meeting Dates



Affect Regulation Techniques Training

Affect Regulation, or emotion regulation, refers to the method by which one’s emotions, moods, feelings, and expressions are modified in order to adaptively meet the demands of their environment. ...View details


CAMHI Joint Powers Board Meeting

The CommUNITY Adult Mental Health Initiative's Joint Powers Board meeting is held on the first Thursday of the odd numbered months. ...View details


Anti-Stigma Workgroup Meeting

Fight the stigma associated with mental health. Work on ways to promote mental wellness and educate people on mental health. ...View details

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