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Certified Peer Specialist Training Opportunity

May 2, 2016

The Role of a Certified Peer Specialist is to:

Inspire hope that recovery from mental illness is not only possible, but probable

Provide opportunities for people using mental health service to practice self-efficacy, through activities that emphasize that acquisition, development, and enhancement of skills needed to move forward in mental health recovery.

Promote empowerment and self-determination.

Build relationships based on mutuality and shared – perspective.

Deepen the treatment teams’ understanding of the experience of being a mental health consumer.

To qualify to attend this vocational training*:

Be at least 21 years of age;

Have a GED, high school diploma or equivalent;

Have or have had a primary diagnosis of mental illness;

Be a current or former consumer of mental health services;

Demonstrate ability to utilize his or her own lived experience of recovery (as defined by that person) to inspire recovery in the lives of Peers; and

Have a goal of going to work (paid employment) as a Certified Peer Specialist; and have the reading and writing skills needed to complete the academic work in training or the ability to utilize reasonable accommodations to do the same.

Have the ability to make accommodations in personal and professional life to successfully attend and commit to this 2-week, 80 hours training. Trainees will not receive payment to attend the training from CommUNITY Initiative.

To apply to attend this training or learn more about it:
Contact Judy Benham—Peers: Link to HOPE Initiative
(218)910-6223 or email:

Spots are limited to 20. Priority will be given to qualified applicants from Benton, Stearns, Wright, and Sherbune County residents as part of the CommUNITY Adult Mental Health Initiative.

See the CPS Training Flyer for more information:userfiles/CPS Training Flyer(2).pdf



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