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Early Childhood

Treating and diagnosing young children takes a special skillset. Learn more about mental health in early childhood.

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Kids can lead increasingly complicated lives, often needing help. Learn more about mental health in children.



From young adults to the elderly, we want people to live happy productive lives. Learn more about mental health in adults.

Minnesota Mental Health

Mental illness does not discriminate. In any given year, one in four adults and one in five children experience a mental health disorder. Mental illness is real, common and treatable.

Minnesota Mental Health was developed to provide mental health information and resources for children and adults in Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright counties. Whether you are a parent, provider, consumer, family member or friend, this site will provide a place where you can easily find accurate information, reliable resources, local support and a helping hand.



Depression/Bi-polar Group

Depression/Bi/Polar Group ...View details



TRANSmetamorphosis is a support group for transsexual, transgender' and gender non-conforming individuals. ...View details


Free Training: The History of Autism and Asperger's.

Behaviors in children which we currently associate with Autism or Asperger’s were identified at almost exactly the same time. Dr. Del Giudice will present the history of the conceptualization of Autism and Asperger’s and their relationship to the DSM. ...View details

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Margaret’s Story

We have found ways for Kathy to… not only become "functional" but will become a whole person, a person who knows she is worthwhile and fully loved. That is real healing. ...Continue reading

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