Akhbaar, Ilo-dhaqaale


Qoyskaagu ma la socdaa arrimaha caafimaadka, ammaanka, iyo u diyaargarowga xaaladaha degdegga ah? Si aad af Soomaali ugu hesho mowduucyada caafimaadka, ammaanka, iyo u diyaargarowga xaaladaha degdegga ah, fadlan kala xiriir: www.echominnesota.org/so, 888-883-8831.

Kooxda gurmadka deg deg eeafarta deegaan

Ku fidinta gurmadka iyo u adeega rugta bulshada Daaryeelka Caafimaadka Maskaxda caruurta iyo dadka waaweyn. Markaadan garaneyn wax aad sameyso, ama aadan garaneyn wax aad wacdo, fadlan na soo wac. 1-800-635-8008.



Imagine Network Event

The Imagine Network is about connecting lived experiences and sharing mental health challenges, together.

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Anti-Stigma Workgroup Meeting

Fight the stigma associated with mental health. Work on ways to promote mental wellness and educate people on mental health. ...View details


Central MN Housing 101 Trainig

The CommUNITY Adult Mental Health Initiative invites you to join us for a Housing 101 Training that includes a presentation on various housing programs from different agencies that are available to residents of Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright County ...View details

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Margaret’s Story

We have found ways for Kathy to… not only become "functional" but will become a whole person, a person who knows she is worthwhile and fully loved. That is real healing. ...Continue reading

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