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Informational Meeting To Begin a St. Cloud Men's Shed

April 15, 2022

Social connection and activities that help people avoid isolation is very important for one's mental well-being. Below is a great opportunity for senior and retired men in the St. Cloud area to connect with others.

Men’s Sheds is a growing international movement to engage senior and retired men through coming together to share stories, hear guest speakers, and to engage in projects. The slogan is Shoulder-to-Shoulder which represents how men tend to engage.

The organization plans to the president of the Board of the Minnesota Men’s Sheds at the meeting to explain how these work and share some of the activities that other sheds have done. Minnesota leads the nation in the number of Men’s Sheds. Each shed defines itself through the members and the activities they would like to perform.

If interested, please see the attached flyer.

 Men's Shed Flyer



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